Trio Zadig is honored and grateful to be able to play on two magnificent instruments by Andrea and Guiseppe Guarneri, generously loaned by the Boubo-Music Foundation.

Miclen LaiPang plays on a violin made in 1697 by Guiseppe "filius Andrea Guarneri" and Marc Girard Garcia on a cello by Andrea Guarneri dating from 1675.

We are happy to announce that both Marc and Miclen have the privilege to join the Thomastik-Infeld Artist family!

We look forward to working with Thomastik-Infeld in creating a uniformed string sound between the cello and violin and incorporating it with the beautiful sonorities of the piano!

Marc is using :
A - Prototype
D - Rondo Gold
G - Rondo Gold
C - Rondo

Miclen is using:
E - Prototype
A - Rondo Gold
D - Rondo Gold
G - Rondo Gold


We have recently partnered with Dolfinos as their new brand ambassadors! Ever since September, we have used their extremely light, portable, and stylish Miniput! It is a music stand that is so small that we sometimes forget that we have it with us in our bags. As musicians always on the go, this music stand allows us to have an extremely compact yet sturdy stand wherever we go, and we hardly leave our homes without it.

We will also be testing other Dolfinos products in the near future, but we genuinely endorse Dolfinos and the Miniput for any type of musician!

If you would also like to try the Miniput or other Dolfinos products, we are really happy to be able to share with you our discount code 🔹TRIOZADIG15CH🔹 for 15% off all products on both and!

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of our friend and virtuoso violinist Miclen LaiPang to our ensemble!

🎶🎻💫Growing up in Los Angeles and honing his craft across the USA, Germany, and Austria, Miclen has graced the stage with renowned artists, served as a concertmaster for major orchestras, and has built numerous music festivals such as the Miesbach Kammermusikfestival which he is currently the artistic director for.

He’s been highly praised by The New York Times 📰 as “a force to be reckoned with…” and German newspaper 🗞 Die Welt as “a musician of daring virtuosity with gripping access and noble elegance”.

Having first crossed paths at the iPalpiti Festival in 2019, it was clear from our earliest collaborations that we had a strong musical connection with Miclen. We were fortunate that he was able to step in for a few concerts over the years, and the chemistry and ease of music making was immediate.

With his strong background as a soloist, chamber musician, concertmaster, and as an advocate for contemporary composers, Miclen brings to our Trio a wealth of experience and a unique voice that will undoubtedly inspire our music to reach new heights.

We are beyond excited to start this new chapter together and look forward to sharing our music with you all in concerts! 🎵

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A new page has been turned in the Trio Zadig adventure. After eight very intense years filled with concerts, travel and crazy experiences, Boris Borgolotto has decided to open up to new horizons. 

 Our journey with him has been nothing short of extraordinary. For 8 remarkable years, Boris has been an integral part of our trio, sharing his passion, talent, and an immeasurable bond that made us more than just a group - something that felt like family.

We've played music in venues worldwide and created lifelong memories. It's rare to find someone who not only shares your love for music but also becomes an integral part of your life. We want to thank Boris for his musical passion, his fun loving spirit, and dedication to the group. Our journey together has been unforgettable. 

-Ian et Marc

The Zadig Trio has been invited back to the Concertgebouw Amsterdam for two concerts with the program of their latest CD "Orpheus" in homage to Camille Saint-Saëns.

The Zadig Trio will make its debut at the Théâtre des Abbesses in the Parisian program of the Théâtre de la Ville.

At the same time as the Théâtre de la Ville is programming Chekhov’s play The Seagull, the Zadig Trio, acclaimed by many international awards, has chosen to perform Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich. The musicians (two from France and one from the United States) will invite the audience to explore the Russian soul, to experience its romance and its torments, through two fascinating works: the Tchaikovsky Trio, a major work in the repertoire, and Opus 8 by Shostakovich, a work of his youth showing the influence of both Brahms and Schumann.

The Zadig Trio had the honor of premiering Benjamin Attahir's triple concerto "Safar" alongside Beethoven's irreplaceable triple concerto!

It was under the baton of the conductor Nil Venditti with the Orchestra of Pau Pays Béarn that this world creation was given at the end of January during 3 sold out concerts.

We are very happy to share with you this new video around Dvorak's trio "Dumky" in collaboration with the dancer Ariane Servagent !

We wanted for a long time to associate music and our video productions with dance and this project was made possible thanks to the precious support of the Villecroze Music Academy. We were lucky enough to benefit from a week of residency in an incredible place to experiment and mature the artistic project.

A huge thank you and bravo to Antonin Amy-Menichetti who directed and produced this beautiful video 🙏🙏🙏

Review of the Trio Zadig concert at Salle Cortot by Clara Leonardi

"The climbs in power are lightning fast, the changes in character are abrupt, the silences are striking"

"violin and cello take over the stage, with a sound that is both warm and brilliant, enhanced by vibrato"

"an unshakeable piano whose precision of articulation remains, from one end of the work to the other, remarkable"