“Extraordinarily gifted instrumentalists and, at the same time, truly searching musicians”

Menahem Pressler

Bound by a shared vision of music and deep-rooted friendships, the Zadig Trio has seized the global stage with striking intensity. Honored with eleven international awards, this magnetic ensemble effortlessly commands attention through their skillful virtuosity, elegant poise, and an infectious spirit that permeates every performance. The magic of the Zadig Trio resides in the fusion of their individual talents and their undeniable synergy—a reflection of their shared passion and unwavering dedication to their craft.

PIAZZOLLA: The four seasons of Buenos Aires - Spring (Live at Jardin Musical)


Andrea and Guiseppe Guarneri

Trio Zadig is honored and grateful to be able to play on two magnificent instruments by Andrea and Guiseppe Guarneri, generously loaned by the Boubo-Music Foundation. Miclen LaiPang plays on a violin made in 1697 by Guiseppe “filius Andrea Guarneri” and Marc Girard Garcia on a cello by Andrea Guarneri dating from 1675.

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Thomastik-Infield Artists

We are happy to announce that both Marc and Miclen have the privilege to join the Thomastik-Infeld Artist family! We look forward to working with Thomastik-Infeld in creating a uniformed string sound between the cello and violin and incorporating it with the beautiful sonorities of the piano! Marc is using :A – PrototypeD – Rondo […]

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Dolfinos ambassadors

EXCITING NEWS We have recently partnered with Dolfinos as their new brand ambassadors! Ever since September, we have used their extremely light, portable, and stylish Miniput! It is a music stand that is so small that we sometimes forget that we have it with us in our bags. As musicians always on the go, this music […]

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