Bound by a shared vision of music and deep-rooted friendships, the Zadig Trio has seized the global stage with striking intensity. Honored with eleven international awards, this magnetic ensemble effortlessly commands attention through their skillful virtuosity, elegant poise, and an infectious spirit that permeates every performance. Masterfully weaving a tapestry of classical majesty and daring contemporary interpretations, they invite audiences into a compelling exploration of musical depth, texture, and harmony. The magic of the Zadig Trio resides in the fusion of their individual talents and their undeniable synergy—a reflection of their shared passion and unwavering dedication to their craft.

Miclen LaiPang, violinist celebrated by The New York Times as a "force to be reckoned with," infuses the ensemble with his worldly experience and dynamic energy. Marc Girard Garcia, a graduate from the CNSM of Paris, injects nuanced cello artistry that shapes the Trio's authentic sound. Pianist Ian Barber, a protégé of Andre Watts at Indiana University, lends his musical sensitivity that enriches the Trio's interpretations with depth and texture.

Named after Voltaire's character Zadig—embodying 'justice' and 'truthfulness'—the Zadig Trio translates these virtues into their performances. Menahem Pressler of the Beaux Arts Trio extolled them as "the best playing today" and highlighted that the Zadig Trio comprises "three extraordinarily gifted instrumentalists and, at the same time, truly searching musicians."

Their esteemed reputation is solidified by numerous accolades, including the prestigious First Prize of the "Fnapec Musiques d’Ensemble" – a path previously taken by renowned ensembles like the Ysaÿe Quartet, the Ebene Quartet, and the Wanderer Trio, the last of whom described the Zadig Trio as possessing "super artistic and technical qualities."

Prominent institutions recognize them as "associated artists" at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel and as residents of the Singer-Polignac Foundation in Paris and the Musical Academy of Villecroze.

The Zadig Trio has left its mark worldwide, performing from the USA to Taiwan in esteemed venues such as the BOZAR, Shanghai City Theater, Amsterdam Concertgebouw, Paris’ Philharmonic, and Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. Their interactions with renowned artists like Alfred Brendel have notably enhanced their musical maturity.

Their commitment to social engagement extends beyond their performance success. They frequently bring music to schools, hospitals, and prisons, reflecting their devotion to community outreach and the transformative power of music.

Their repertoire spans from Haydn to contemporary composers, refreshing the piano trio genre with audacity and freshness. Poetic sound, depth, and sincerity characterize their performances, signifying a future as adventurous and enduring as their namesake. Their discography includes three critically acclaimed CDs: "Something in Between," "The Seasons," and "Orpheus," recognized by distinctions such as the four f’s (ffff) of Télérama, "coup de coeur" from Classica and Figaro, and "CD of the day" by France Musique.

Miclen LaiPang performs on a Guiseppe “filius Andrea” Guarneri c.1697, using a bow made by Dominique Peccatte and Marc Girard Garcia plays an Andrea Guarneri c.1675 with a bow made by Victor Fétique, generously loaned by the Boubo-Music foundation.

Miclen LaiPang,
Ian Barber,
Marc Girard-Garcia, cello

Presenting the Zadig Trio