Something in Between

Leonard Bernstein – Candide Overture (arr. Bruno Fontaine)
Leonard Bernstein – A West Side Story Fantasy (arr. Bruno Fontaine)
Benjamin Attahir – Asfar
Maurice Ravel – Trio in A minor

"Already like a return to our origins. Between giving homage and affirmation of what unites us, this first album was the opportunity for a mesmerizing journey.  The starting point was obvious to us: Leonard Bernstein. This sparkling figure, who marked our childhoods with West Side Story and Candide, allowed us to explore our Franco-American roots and the artistic ties that unite these two countries. To guide us in the visit of such historic monuments, we needed all the skill and talent of Bruno Fontaine, to whom we owe a superb arrangement for piano trio of these works. Continuing this initiatory journey, we let ourselves be carried away by the turbulent waves of Asfar ("journey" in Arabic), a transcendental work by our childhood friend, Benjamin Attahir, to reach the shores of a unique uncharted sound universe.  Finally, as our final destination, we have chosen Maurice Ravel's Trio in A minor, the place of our unforgettable encounter with Menahem Pressler and the true mystical foundation of our musical adventure.”
- Label Fuga Libera

Price : 20 € (autograph and delivery included)