Colmar International Festival, Radio Accent 4 & Press review

This summer, the Zadig Trio played at the 30th Colmar International Festival, dedicated in 2018 to Evgeny Kissin. Marc, Ian and Boris were interviewed by Olivier Erouart from the local Accent 4 radio. You can listen to the podcast of their interview in French by clicking on the following link:

For this concert the Zadig Trio received a glowing press review by Jacques Weil from L'Alsace:

“The Zadig Trio played two major works of the piano trio repertoire. Offering both pieces in a single concert demonstrates a fearlessness that usually belongs to very experienced players. In the opening of Beethoven’s “Ghost Trio” for piano, cello and violin, one can already distinguish the first and foremost quality of the ensemble: total cohesion and an intelligent interpretation of the score. Furthermore, a unity of spirits revealed by each phrase and nuance, reinforced by the constant eye contacts between the musicians. 
[...] The second part of the program was no less demanding, by its length and technical difficulties. The violinist Boris Borgolotto and the cellist Marc Girard Garcia surrounded Ian Barber with a total investissement at the service of the score, restituted with prodigious musicality [...] The tragic memories of bereavement [in Tchaikovsky’s piano trio] were communicated with depth and sensitivity, by artists who we can now count among the great.”